Simple & Inexpensive Miner Monitoring.

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Low Hashrate Notifications

Get notified right away when your hashrate drops below a given limit.

Offline Worker Notifications

One of your workers is down? Sentinelle will let you know imediatly, minimizing your downtime and loses.

Multiple Notifications

Do you prefer email notifications? Slack? Maybe SMS? No problem! We have integrations for all of them.

Multiple Receivers

Your mining operation is runned by a team? Sentinelle can notify multiple persons when something is wrong. You have the power to choose who and how to be notified.

Pay For What You Use

We don't have a fixed monthly price. Pay each time a worker is checked. Checking a worker 400 times will cost you 0.01$

Pay in Crypto

We accept bitcoins and altcoins, alongside Paypal and credit cards.

1524 rigs & asics checked over 17,838,155 times

Try It Now With 100,000 Free Credits

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